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VIP Paranormal Exploration Tour Overview

Our crew of talented guides has joined forces with the A Paranormal Life Research and Investigation Team to co-host limited interactive paranormal exploration tours this fall during prime Denver ghost tour season.

If you're someone who wants to go even deeper with all of our Denver ghosts, apparitions, and ghouls - this tour is for you! Interested in a private VIP Paranormal Exploration Tour? Enquire here (opportunities are limited).


  • You'll have the opportunity to hear the most haunted stories of Denver's past AND see, explore, use and learn about professional paranormal experts' many paranormal collection devices and equipment at each tour stop, compliments of the A Paranormal Life Research and Investigation Team.

  • Our Denver ghosts, ghouls and apparitions have stories to tell and our crew of talented guides looks forward to sharing the mystery and history of Denver's Capitol Hill - one of the Mile High City's oldest, most prominent neighborhoods on the #1 haunted tour in Denver and the only Denver ghost tour that visits the haunted Cheesman Park and the two sites that inspired two classic Hollywood thrillers..

  • Your guide and host for your Denver ghost tour experience will share a great blend of the Denver legend, lore, history and mystery that will raise the hairs on your arms, send shivers down your spine and give you a glimpse into the strange happenings of Denver's seedy past! And... your A Paranormal Life Research and Investigation Team co-host will showcase 1+ paranormal collection and research device at each Denver ghost tour stop and explain how and why it's used. Guests will then have the opportunity to see each device, handle it, and you'll see each device in action. A live EVP session will be conducted at one our favorite haunted Denver stops as part of this VIP tour.

  • Paranormal experts will showcase 1+ device at each Denver ghost tour stop and explain it's usage. Guests will then have the opportunity to see each device, handle it, and the group will see each device in action. A live EVP session will be conducted at one our favorite haunted Denver stops as part of this paranormal exploration tour!

  • Paranormal devices include:

    • EDI Plus Meter

    • EVP Wrist Recorder

    • Flir One Infrared Camera

    • Full Spectrum 4k Nightvision Camera

    • K2 Meter

    • Laser Temp Gun

    • Insignia Night Vision/IR Camcorder

    • Ovilus M ITC Talking Spirit Box

    • PSB7 Spirit Box

    • Laser Grid

    • Mirrored Toy Box

Please note: all tour stops are privately owned, therefore the paranormal ghost tours do not go inside any of the tour stops, and paranormal equipment exploration will be conducted outside each haunted locale. We promise - from experience, it's incredibly spooky and guests love these smaller group, hands-on paranormal experiences!

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Back for the first time since 2019 (pre-COVID)!

Ghost Tours Denver

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VIP Paranormal Exploration Tour

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Paranormal Exploration Tour Details:

Departure Time:

Tuesdays & Wednesdays: 7:00 p.m. 
Sundays: 6:30 p.m.


Sundays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays


2-2.5 hours

Meeting Place:

SE corner of

W. 13th Ave. & N. Gilpin St.


Easy, flat, plenty of stops

1.7 miles

Ending Location:

Molly Brown House

1340 Pennsylvania St,


1 Guest:

Starting at $30/guest

Cancellation/Refund Policy: All sales final. No refunds are available for our Denver paranormal tours, and tickets are not transferable to other dates.


Additional Paranormal Exploration  Tour Info:

Haunted Denver: VIP Paranormal  Exploration Tours Meeting Place:

  • The SE corner of W. 13th Ave. & N. Gilpin St. is just north of Cheesman Park. 

  • You can use this address in your GPS to help you navigate close to the SE corner: 1288 N. Gilpin St, Denver, CO 80218

  • Plenty of street parking in and around Cheesman park is available for our twilight ghost tours.

  • Be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the ghost tour departure time to meet your guide. Our haunted Denver tours do start and depart on time. If you're not present at the departure time, our team will accept that you've decide not to come or that you've made other plans

  • Tours still operate rain, snow, or shine.​

    • In cases of extreme weather, our team will contact you with rescheduling or cancellation information.​

  • Your Paranormal Exploration tour guide will be dressed in all black. They may also be carrying a small green Denver Walking Tours sign, especially in less than ideal weather. 



  • We recommend this tour for ages 10+! Will kid(s) like the tour? That really depends on your kiddo(s)! Our Denver paranormal tours are suitable and designed to be enjoyed by all ages. Your guide is trained and experienced in working with youth. Youth ages 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Odds & Ends:

  • Your haunted Denver VIP Paranormal Exploration tour ends at the Molly Brown House. Should you need to make your way back to the tour start, it is a 0.7 mile walk. 

  • Don't forget to dress in layers and prepare appropriately for cold weather, rain, or snow! 

  • Please plan on using a restroom prior to coming to the tour, as there are no public restrooms along the paranormal tour route.

  • While we want you to have a sinisterly good time, the spirits don't like it when guests bring spirits of their own, so please keep all alcoholic beverages & recreational marijuana tucked away until after the tour.

  • Our Denver paranormal tour is a great activity for locals & visitors! 

  • This tour does have a 4 guest minimum. If less than 4 guests are booked, we'll reach out to you to let you know your options.


Tour Itinerary:

  1. Start. Henry Treat Rogers Demolished Mansion

  2. The haunted Cheesman Park, inspiration to a classic Hollywood thriller

  3. Stoiberhof and it's connection to an unsolved Titanic mystery

  4. Croke-Patterson Mansion, featured on Portals to Hell

  5. Peabody Whitehead Mansion, featured on Ghost Adventures

  6. End. The Infamous Titanic Survivor, Molly Brown's haunted house

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Jordan L. "A Ghost of Capitol Hill tour/ Mariah was an excellently fun experience! A very fun way to get outside and learn some history/ ghost stories of Denver! The night starts out with one of the best ghost stories I've heard in awhile -- what is even cooler is that all the stories are based on facts and are not fictional. There are also pictures and some amazing facts about the city of Denver. The tour snakes around a small radius of the city and you visit some great locations/ landmarks of the city. The walking tour is very manageable and is accessible to anyone -- all abilities. Mariah was an excellent story teller! she told the stories in such a way that made you feel like you were part of the story/ could easily visualize the facts she was telling. Even better was that the stories that were told gave me chills, even after the tour ended. The stories were fascinating to listen to. A very unique and fun experience that should be added to anyone's trip to Denver or even if you live in the city and are looking for a new thing to do -- there were some locals on our tour! tl; dr: Fun, exciting and unqiue Ghost tour; fascinating stories and great citiy history


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